116503 companies
113 Maiandrou Evosmos Greece, 56224
Mfg of kitchen worktops and cupboard doors. Imports and trade of kitchen furniture parts and accessories, faucets, exhaust fans and sinks
Langada - Kolchikou Rd (3rd km), P.O. Box 113 Langadas Greece, 57200
Production of dough and confectionery products
16 Salaminias Athens Greece, 11855
Production of resins, emulsions, acrylics, polymers and adhesives.Agents for paper, chemicals, embroideries, paper processing machinery and materials, air purification machines, minerals, paperboard, paper pulp, scrap paper, chemicals, packaging, insulati
Thessalonikis - Langada Rd (5th km), P.O. Box 51511 Efkarpia Greece, 56403
Mfg, imports and trade of wooden furniture
29 Polydefkou & 8 Haidariou Piraeus Greece, 18545
Representations, exclusive imports and trade of pipes, car washing and parking area machinery, rubber, plastic sheets, internal combustion engines, air compressors, pumps and power generators
11 Thermaikou Stavroupoli Greece, 56430
Mfg of steel pipes, sheets and hollow bars. Trade of metals and iron profiles
Karitsa Katerini Greece, 60100
Sorting and packaging of fresh fruit
38 Averof Nea Ionia Greece, 14232
Mfg of tissue paper and products, disposable tablecloths and plastic garbage bags. Imports and trade of paper. Contract makers of tissue paper products. Trade of cosmetics and detergents
Thessalonikis - Veroias Rd (17th km) Agios Athanassios Greece, 57003
Processing of fresh and frozen meat and poultry. Production of animal cooking fats. Imports and trade of food products
122 Georgikis Scholis Thermi Greece, 57001
Mfg of leather and fur garments
9 Agathonos Athens Greece, 10551
Representations, imports and wholesale trade of household appliances and wares, air conditioning equipment, office machines, fabrics, toys and games, giftware, costume jewellery, haberdashery and outdoor furniture. Mfg of electric housewares (in third par
3 Antimachou Athens Greece, 11528
Mfg of calcium carbonate and talc. Processing of dolomite
5 Oryzomylon Aigaleo Greece, 12244
Mfg, imports and trade of glass bottles, jars and tableware
Rethymnou - Hanion Rd (3rd km), Gefyra Zouridas Rethymno Greece, 74100
Regional agent, imports and wholesale trade of ice cream, frozen food products and beverages
45 Thessalonikis Moschato Greece, 18346
Production and application of paints, varnishes, adhesives, polyvinyl acetate, synthetic resins, asphaltic products, chemicals and insulating materials (also for third parties). Imports and wholesale trade of lithoponium (paint raw material)
Larissas - Thessalonikis National Rd (4th km), P.O. Box 3001 Larissa Greece, 41500
Authorized dealer of cars and spare parts. Trade of second-hand cars. Authorized car repair shop
Marathonos Ave. (18th km) Pallini Greece, 15344
Mfg, imports and wholesale trade of socks, tights, clothing accessories and children's underwear
9 A. Metaxa Kifissia Greece, 14564
Representations, exclusive imports and wholesale trade of tableware, cooking utensils, decoratives, household goods, tissue paper products, gas operated appliances and housewares, mats, work uniforms, giftware, detergents, air fresheners, cleaning goods,
Thessalonikis - Kilkis Rd (11th km - palaia), P.O. Box 37 Ionia Greece, 57008
Mfg of industrial components, door and window mechanims and accessories (also for third parties)
Thessalonikis - Serron Rd (16th km), P.O. Box 40206 Stavroupoli Greece, 56010
Mfg of food product processing machinery
Petropigi, P.O. Box 5 Nea Karvali Greece, 64006
Processing of fish (smoked, salted, canned, dried), tarama, olives, anchovy and olive paste. Production of canned meals (in third party facilities)
Athinon - Lavriou Ave (23rd km), Foussa, P.O. Box 253 Koropi Greece, 19400
Mfg of metal furniture - sofa beds
Tyrnavou - Larissas Rd (1st km) Tyrnavos Greece, 40100
Production of flour and by-products
Agios Vassileios Patra Greece, 26500
Mfg of plastic panellings and false ceilings, PVC and aluminum doors, windows and rolling shutters. Wholesale trade of aluminum profiles
178 Iera Odos Aigaleo Greece, 12242
Representations, exclusive imports and trade of commercial and household furniture and umbrellas. Mfg of wooden furniture
Athinon - Lamias National Rd (21st km), 80 Ag. Athanassiou Anoixi Greece, 14569
Representations, exclusive imports, mfg, assembling and trade of pumps, pumping and pressure units, plaque exchangers and central heating equipment
Bara Siatista Greece, 50300
Mfg of fur garments (also for third parties)
306 El. Venizelou Kallithea Greece, 17675
Car repair shop and painting services. Authorized dealer and trade of cars, spare parts and accessories
2 Hatzi Pelleren Ioannina Greece, 45221
Bottling of mineral water
Athinon - Korinthou National Rd (25th km) Mandra Greece, 19600
Mfg of cemetery bronze decorative articles and ecclesiastical ware
Larissas - Tyrnavou Rd (10th km), P.O. Box 1334 Larissa Greece, 41110
Production of liquors
Industrial Area, Th Rd Irakleio Greece, 71408
Production of meat products, yogurt, frozen pizza, salads and sauces. Imports and trade of food products
Lambrika, P.O. Box 104 Koropi, ATTIKI Greece, 19400
Our company specialises in the production and marketing of natural structural decorative materials and rocks, such as pebbles, chips, decorative garden stones, coloured plasters and coats. We also trade basic structural materials such as sand, gravel, lime, cement and more.
Langada - Rentinas Rd (2nd km) Langadas Greece, 57200
Representations, exclusive imports and wholesale trade of electric material, automation systems, measurement instruments, air purification and ventilation machinery, power economizers and personal hygiene product dispensers. Mfg of commercial lighting fix
Messaria Thira Greece, 84700
Hotel operators. Production of ready-mixed concrete
3 Messolongiou Metamorfossi Greece, 14451
Representations, exclusive imports and trade of office machines, spare parts, supplies, computer peripherals, software, graphic art machinery, parking and taxi meters and ticket vending machines. Software development. Service
Patima, P.O. Box 4 Elefsina Greece, 19200
Production of decorative and industrial paints and varnishes, furniture lacquers, woodcare varnishes, insulating materials and putties
18 Kifissou Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Mfg of metal crown caps and closures
576 Vouliagmenis Ave Argyroupoli Greece, 16451
Authorized dealer of cars, spare parts and accessories. Trade of second-hand cars. Car repair shop
4 Gravias Maroussi Greece, 15125
Mfg of paper cases and packaging paper
9 28th Oktovriou Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Mfg of rubber shoe making materials, gaskets and other components. Retreading of military tank rubber parts
32 Olymbou Kalochori Greece, 57009
Production of cheese
Karamanli Ave (I. Gavriil side street) Acharnes Greece, 13671
Mfg of ship seats and awnings and car roof-type tents. Imports and trade of upholstery, awning and sign making plastic fabrics
Industrial Area Ioannina Greece, 45500
Metal electrostatic painting
2 Miaouli & 10 Kechagia Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Representations, exclusive imports and trade of plumbing fixtures and faucets. Mfg of bathroom accessories and faucets
15 Artis Moschato, Athens Greece, 18346
Mfg, wholesale trade of white linen, fabrics, blankets, curtains and carpets. Brands: Carven Paris, Viopros. Tel: +30 210 4818500, Fax: +30 210 4838660. Adress: Artis 15 Leykados, Moschato, Athens, Greece
Vatontas Nea Artaki Greece, 34600
Mfg of aluminum bars, rolling shutter plastic and metal components. Exclusive imports and trade of rolling shutter mechanisms and plastic fittings
Koropiou - Varis Ave (26th km), P.O. Box 28 Koropi Greece, 19400
Mfg, imports and trade of glass lighting fixtures, parts and tableware
60 Sof. Venizelou Lykovryssi Greece, 14123
Imports, production and wholesale trade of paints and abrasives
19 Themidos Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Mfg of paper, tissue paper products and tablecloths
Paianias - Markopoulou Ave (1st km) Paiania Greece, 19002
Mfg, imports, exclusive distribution and wholesale trade of school and office stationery
7 Sorou, P.O. Box 61019 Maroussi Greece, 15110
Exclusive imports and wholesale trade of electric material and security systems
17 Iroon Polytechneiou Magoula Greece, 19018
Mfg and wholesale trade of electric material and measurement instruments
32 Ithakis Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Leather tanning
2 Livyis Zografou Greece, 15771
Mfg of traffic light signal products and luminous warning signal systems, lighting fixtures, electric material and cable connection accessories
3 G. Souri Thessaloniki Greece, 54630
Mfg of elastic tapes, fringes and cords
Aliveri Greece, 34500
Mfg of screw industry products
103 Ethn. Antistasseos Neo Psychiko Greece, 15451
Representations, imports and trade of watches and jewellery
Athinon - Lamias National Rd (18th km), P.O. Box 52894 Nea Erythraia Greece, 14610
Production (also for third parties), representations, exclusive imports and wholesale trade of pharmaceutical and medicated products
17 Plapouta Irakleio Greece, 14122
Mfg of metal and PVC doors and windows
Neou Keramidiou - Katerinis Rd (4th km), P.O. Box 120 Katerini Greece, 60100
Mfg of underwear. Imports and trade of socks
2 Kerameon, Metaxourgeiou Sq Athens Greece, 10436
Production of paints, varnishes, solvents and polishes. Imports and wholesale trade of colour mixing machines
Lavriou Ave (28th km), P.O. Box 174 Koropi Greece, 19400
Quarrying, working and trade of marble, granite and decorative stone
300 Ag. Dimitriou Agios Dimitrios Greece, 17342
Mfg (mainly in third party facilities), imports and trade of women's wear
119 Alexandras Ave Athens Greece, 11475
Authorized dealer, imports and trade of cars, trucks, spare parts and accessories. Car repair shop
242 El. Venizelou & 135 Solonos Kallithea Greece, 17675
Software development
34 Kanari Peristeri Greece, 12131
Imports and wholesale trade of yarns, fabrics, curtains and white linen. Real Estate lessors
Thermaikou Rd, P.O. Box 40067 Stavroupoli Greece, 56010
Mfg of women's cottonknit wear (also in third party facilities)
38 Kifissias Ave Maroussi Greece, 15125
Mfg, representations, exclusive imports and trade of household and commercial furniture, lighting fixtures and decoratives. Interior decoration contractors
10 Gr. Lambraki Lykovryssi Greece, 14123
Mfg, representations, exclusive imports, wholesale trade and repairs of electric motors, inverters and pumping units
4 Adrianoupoleos Piraeus Greece, 18543
Mfg, exclusive imports and wholesale trade of painting tools, cleaning materials and plastic household goods
32 Armenopoulou Thessaloniki Greece, 54635
Publishing of books and a magazine. Lithographic printing
421a Messogeion Ave Agia Paraskevi Greece, 15343
Representations, exclusive imports, trade, mfg and maintenance service of water treatment machinery. Exports of olive oil. Export agents for faucets, tiles, marble and electric material. Interpretation and translating services. Conference organizers. Hote
Komvos Korinou, P.O. Box 48 Katerini Greece, 60100
Mfg, exclusive imports and wholesale trade of signalling goods and security systems
4 Tziraion Athens Greece, 11742
Exports of food products, fruit pulp and medical cotton
24 Strat. Syndesmou Athens Greece, 10673
Systems Integration. Representations, imports and wholesale trade of computers, software and peripherals. Software development and support. Personnel training on computers. IT consultants. Application service providers (ASP). Data Center
150 Kozanis, Ano Sychaina Patra Greece, 26500
Production of expanded polysterene (for insulating and packaging). Trade of insulating and construction materials, false ceilings and prefabrications
Athinon - Lamias National Rd (14th km) Kifissia Greece, 14564
Production of pharmaceutical products
164 Orfeos (side street) Athens Greece, 11855
Mfg, imports and trade of lighting fixtures, household furniture, tableware, decoratives and household goods
Karditsas - Loutron Smokovou Rd (2nd km) Karditsa Greece, 43100
Production of roofing tiles
Trikalon - Pylis Rd (5th km), P.O. Box 75 Trikala Greece, 42100
Production of yogurt and cheese
70 Archimidous Koropi Greece, 19400
Printing of account manuscripts (receipts-invcoices), ledgers, computerized receipts and calendars
24 Sof. Venizelou Menemeni Greece, 54628
Mfg, imports and wholesale trade of packaging materials, garbage bags and plastic film for agricultural use
Vrysses Ritsonas (70th km), Vathy Avlidas Halkida Greece, 34100
Flexographic printing
Athinon - Lamias National Rd (23rd km), 134 Lefkis Kryoneri Greece, 14568
Publishing of books. Editing. Photocomposition. Lithographic printing. Bookbinding. Packaging of leaflets
430 Irakleiou Ave Irakleio Greece, 14122
Gravure printing. Laminating
Athinon - Markopoulou Rd (37th km), P.O. Box 3 Kapandriti Greece, 19014
Production of printing inks and varnishes. Imports and wholesale trade of printing plates and chemical products
Thessalonikis - Oraiokastrou Rd (6.5th km), P.O. Box 40248 Stavroupoli Greece, 56010
Mfg (mainly in third party facilities) and trade of children's wear
5 Benaki Halandri Greece, 15235
Publishing of a magazine
60 Ifaistou, Industrial Area Koropi Greece, 19400
Mfg of store equipment
1 Papareska Kastoria Greece, 52100
Mfg of fur garments
Meg. Alexandrou, Pyrgas, P.O. Box 45040 Agioi Anargyroi Greece, 13510
Trade of concrete aggregates
P.O. Box 201 Sindos Industrial Area Greece, 57022
Mfg of whirlpool units, sinks, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Imports and trade of sanitary ware
58 Thessalonikis Agios Ioannis Rentis Greece, 18233
Production of lime
55 Peiraios Moschato Greece, 18346
Printing and mfg of plastic and flexible packaging materials
S. Kazantzidi Ave., Komvos Katsamba Nea Alikarnassos Greece, 71601
Mfg and trade of concrete products and mosaic tiles. Imports and trade of construction materials and rubber floorings
38 Al. Papagou Thermi Greece, 57001
Trade of electric material and lighting fixtures
Nea Zoi Aspropyrgos Greece, 19300
Production of frozen meat and poultry preparations, cheese croquettes
2 Yakinthou Athens Greece, 11364
Publishing of a magazine
Agios Pavlos Nea Kallikrateia Greece, 63080
Production of wine and liquors
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